Florian Pfisterer

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What I'm Doing Now

(This is a now page, and it's inspired by Derek Sivers)

Working as CTO & Backend Engineer at PLAYSPORTS

I'm working full-time at PLAYSPORTS, where our vision is to make "play" sports like soccer, basketball, table tennis and so on as easily accessible as individual sports like running and weight training. Currently, my responsibilities include backend development (databases, cloud infrastructure, reliability, scaling), code reviews for the mobile app and some recruiting & project management.

More recently, I've started to develop machine learning powered microservices that provide smart recommendations and suggestions within the app, too.

Health & Fitness

With a "lockdown light" underway here in Germany, I am once again doing high-rep fitness-focused training as in 2019 and start of 2020. I used to do this using the Freeletics app, currently I'm keeping things simple though and just do hundreds of push-ups, pull-ups and burpees.

In addition, to enjoy the nice autumn weather, I'm incorporating more runs (usually 3-4 per week) into my fitness regimen.

Recovery, Sleep and Strain Tracking

To better understand my body (especially the recovery quality by tracking HRV and sleep (and other things)), I've started wearing a Whoop strap 24/7. So far, I'm very happy with it. It tells me exactly how much strain I can put on my body. On days when I'm not feeling it but my strap tells me I'm well-recovered, I can now get after it with confidence (and this has worked really well in the past 2 weeks). If you're interested, you can get us both a free month ($30) by using this (referral) link.

Working on this Blog

Fow now, I'm building it using Next.js/TypeScript and host it on Netlify. I find the static site generation at build time which allows you to fetch some data from files or an API and then generate the.html files based on that quite amazing, and I'm thinking about ideas how we could use this for PLAYSPORTS.

Last updated on November 8, 2020, from Düsseldorf, Germany.